We just got your stool. We absolutely LOVE it. It is a beauty and masterpiece, just as the other one we have. They are both a wonderful piece of art. Our architect had to change the kitchen a bit and give us a little larger island so they both fit. He never heard of anyone building a kitchen around their stools! Thanks again for your wonderful work!
— C & H. L., Santa Barbara, CA
I wanted to let you all know how overwhelmed and pleased I was with the pieces you created from my beloved maple tree. Each piece was meaningful and magnificent in its own right. My family and I will cherish these pieces for the rest of our lives. I find great happiness knowing they will be passed on and loved. Thank you is not enough for the time, thought, and energy you spent to preserve something so special to me.
— L.K.K, Pilot, VA
It was really great of you to take the time to open up your studio/shop for my Richmond friends. As you must know, we are great fans of your work and they were THRILLED to be able to get an insiders look at the creative process.
— K.O., Floyd, VA
Thanks again for 3 more stools (to add to our 3 others!) and your GREAT workmanship.
— D & D.A., Charlotte, NC
I am delighted with the DVD cabinet! It’s just what I wanted and beautifully crafted and finished. And the way those doors slide so smoothly, Wow!
— J.K.C., Blacksburg, VA
Dearest Corinne, Bill, Abe, & Jason,
K. and I just wanted to let you all know how much we love and appreciate our new bar top. We look at it daily, and notice new details - its truly a living piece of art. We are thrilled to have your spectacular work in our home. We are lifelong fans!
— C. & K.M., Roanoke, VA
We have been up and down Rte. 221 a number of times and never knew you folks were there until we stayed at Hotel Floyd. The furnishings in those rooms are your best advertisement. It does give me pleasure to see that America’s “pride in workmanship” is not lost.
— W. & J.L., Oak Island, NC
I have to tell you that I am so impressed with your work. I think it’s so remarkable that you found your calling in life for whether you see it or not..... you affect people with the love of your craft.
That I suppose is why I wanted to commission you to do this work.
— G.G. Roanoke, VA
Hi folks, Just wanted to say again how exquisite the tables are and thank you for the effort & pride you take in your creations!
All of the pieces are in place and blending as a lovely part of the “landscape” of our cabin. I like the thought that Bill had, about this giving a tree another life. Rest assured, all of the trees that went into our 5 pieces from you are definitely in heaven in our home! Y’all are great!
— D.L. & J.W. Hiwassee, VA
Your dining table continues to draw compliments from all who see it and we LOVE it and wonder why we didn’t do this sooner. Last week a young man actually got down on the floor to look underneath marveling at the workmanship. We second his awe of your talent. If you want anyone to come see us we’d be happy to show it off!
— B. & J.P., Roanoke, VA
The burled stool I bought from you saved my marriage!
— H.B., Check, VA