Our Artisans


At Phoenix Hardwoods we employ a team of dedicated artisans with over 150 years combined experience in woodcraft. Read on to find out more about our craftspeople.


Bill and Corinne Graefe

Bill started drying lumber over 25 years ago.  Bill’s great-grandfather was a furniture maker, and his dad a builder. Corinne was the first girl in her high school shop class, and her great-grandfather was a trunk maker.

"Working with our hands is something we both have always loved to do." 

In 2000 Bill and Corinne started this furniture business using local Virginia hardwoods.



The Phoenix Team...



Caleb is a craftsman who has worked off & on for Phoenix Hardwoods since the early days. He brings a great sense of design and the efficiency skills of a cook, from working in his parents' bakery and other restaurants. An 8th-generation Floydian, he has deep roots in our county. Hiking the whole Appalachian trail is one of his accomplishments. His daughter Maebel often hangs out at the shop and helps with projects.


So the story is that Henry came to work for us cause he was friends with Bradley & Eric, on their same Floyd County High School wrestling team, and heard that starting pay was higher than minimum wage. In 2 years, he discovered that he is truly a woodworker, enjoying everything from choosing the lumber, to designing projects, and carrying them through from sketch to final polish. He taught himself to do the bowties, and we rely on him to take care of the cracks this way, as well as keeping us all entertained...



Bradley started 5 yrs. ago, and as many of you have heard, didn't know how to use a tape measure... We are proud to say he is a craftsman now, building pieces from start to finish! An excellent finisher, we count on him to keep up our reputation for extremely smooth finishes. He was part of the Floyd County High School wrestling team, with family in Indian Valley. In his spare time Bradley makes wood jewelry, and goes to concerts.



Lore and her family are our neighbors, and her organizational skills are what keeps Corinne from going completely crazy. She keeps all pieces inventoried, photographed, and in order, keeps the bills paid, and this website is mostly thanks to her. Also an art teacher she paints in her spare time, and you can usually find her doing some creative project with a bunch of kids.



Eric has been steadily mastering the art of slab stool making, for which we are very grateful! He was also part of the Floyd county High School wrestling team, with family in Indian Valley. After hours, we often find him woodworking, from swords to tables, and one of the most beautiful beds (for himself) that's ever come out of our shop.