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Other Locations that Stock Our Products


Floyd, VA


"Bell Gallery"  Floyd, VA

     (cutting boards, slab stools, boxes, hookboards) 

"Chateau Morrisette"  Floyd, VA

     (cutting boards)

"Chic's Antiques"  Floyd, VA

     (cutting boards, bed, slab stools, tables, benches, chests)

"Farmer's Supply"  Floyd, VA

     (cutting boards + we made their slab counter top with a       local walnut tree!) 

"Floyd Country Store"  Floyd, VA 

     (cutting boards, slab stools)

"Troika Gallery"  Floyd, VA

     (unique tables and mirrors)


Roanoke, VA


"Black Dog Salvage"  Roanoke, VA

     (bed, slab stools, tables, benches, chests, mirrors, lamps,     cutting boards) 

"2nd Helpings Gallery"  Roanoke, VA 

     (cutting boards, clipboards)


Blacksburg, VA


"Oasis World Market"  Blacksburg, VA

     (cutting boards)

"Ewing Cabinet & Remodeling Shop"  Blacksburg, VA

     (counter top, slab stools, wall hanging) 


Charlottesville, VA


"The Barnswallow"  Charlottesville, VA 

     (tables, slab stools, clipboards)


Berryville, VA


"Local Wood"  Berryville, VA

     (slab stools, kiln-dried live-edge slabs)


Powhatan, VA


"The Mill at Fine Creek"  Powhatan, VA (near Richmond, VA)

     (cutting boards) 


Martinsville, VA


"VA Museum of Natural History"  Martinsville, VA 

     (cutting boards)


Abingdon, VA


"Heartwood Gallery"  Abingdon, VA

     (bed, cutting boards, slab stools, small boxes, clipboards)


We've furnished over half the rooms in:


"Hotel Floyd" Floyd, VA

We've made tables for these restaurants:


"Local Roots"  A farm-to-table restaurant in Roanoke, VA

"Elderberry's"  Roanoke, VA 

"Cafe de Bankok"  Blacksburg, VA

We have four tables on display here:


"Primland Resort" Meadows of Dan, VA

and a desk in their Treehouse:


"Primland Resort - Treehouse" Meadows of Dan, VA